Customer Service

Provide 24/7 support, collect continuous customer feedback and give customer service agents more time to address critical and complex issues.


Automate up to 87% of Customer Service Chats

Every customer conversation is an opportunity to strengthen your brand. TripleW Chatbot addresses frequent, simple interactions so your customer service agents can focus on complex customer conversations. Discover how chatbots redefine your customer service offering with little overhead.


Recapture crucial time

Frequent customer issues eat into your support team’s time. When customer service agents can focus on complex issues, and TripleW Chatbot automates the rest, you can expect to see time efficiencies like ETK saving 37.4 hours per month at a 54.1% automation rate in a five person team.


Fits with existing teams

Build and maintain customer service chatbots in-house, with your existing service team, zero technical skills required. TripleW Chatbot’s building tool has been tested by independent examiners and found to be 10 times easier to use than its closest competition.

TripleW Chatbots in Numbers

Customer Service Chatbots powered by a custom-built AI with industry grade security suitable for the most customer-conscious companies.


Easier to use

Independently rated ten times easier to use than alternative solutions.


Chats automated

Customer service agents can respond and resolve complex issues rapidly.


Hours saved per day

Eliminates wasted time spent on repetitive simple issues.

A Chatbot Platform for Everybody

Powerful Automation, Different Needs

Lead Generation

Engage visitors from page load with simple conversations. Qualify and convert leads with relevant and personalised conversational flows.

Customer Service

Cut wait times, reduce response times and solve more issues with a customer service chatbot that gives service agents the most valuable resource: time.
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