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AI Chatbots to engage with your audience. Conversational commerce is the next generation of e-commerce. TripleWChat is a new method of customer service that allows your brand to interact with their customers on a personal level while creating a more natural connection that mimics the physical world all the time. 

Intelligence in every customer engagement

Smart Virtual Salesman

Most traditional chatbots are developed to to carry out pre-scripted conversations, which makes it obvious that the customer is serving the bot’s agenda. Triple W Chat’s AI chat bots are designed with the intelligence to interpret and digest context and content across interactions, so the customer feels the personal engagement. Isn’t that the most important rule in customer service?

We’ve Got You Covered

Conversational Commerce

Seamless integration of payment gateways and inventory management systems that enables businesses to sell more products and services through online chats.

Optimised for Customer Service

The ultimate solution to automate your customer service support system so your frontline team can focus on other more complicated tasks.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Our solution will analyse what your customers are saying to our chatbots and guide our chatbots to process, learn and understand the audience using natural language processing.

Customer Relationship Management

With an integrated CRM system, you can empower your customer service team with a single all-in-one platform, giving them the ability to monitor every conversation, providing your customers with a complete experience.

Marketing Automation

Start new messaging campaigns without IT, trigger automated content, and personalise every customer experience with dynamic messages that changes and flows according to the audience’s context.

Chat Analytics

See critical metrics on your Triple W Chat dashboard, as well as user engagement, active daily users and popular phrases communicated with your bot. This will allow you to customise to your customers’ requirements more efficiently.

Your 24/7 Chat Marketing Assistant

Compared to other channels, the Triple W Chat solution has the ability to personalise marketing to each customer, hence has a higher chance of getting your customer’s attention, leading to higher conversion rates. But doing this at scale is not humanly possible, and here is where Triple W Chat stands out.

We created Triple W Chat to customise marketing to each customer’s requirements, matching the customer’s schedule, content preference, frequency and more at scale.

How We Put AI To Work


Frictionless conversation engine

Serve customers better by understanding what they want from the start. Natural Language Understanding (NLU) interprets intent using unconstrained conversations, where customers can ask and answer questions, naturally.

Smart self-service analytics

Once the Triple W Chat bot understands the customer’s intent, it directs the customer to the best resource to deliver the best outcome, whether that’s chatting with a live agent or pointing to a helpful digital asset.

Easy customer analytics

Triple W Chat bot is always learning and improving the customer experience over time. Through a single dashboard, you can see customer friction points, identify resource gaps and map out engagement across channels for a more detailed customer profile.

Integration & APIs

Streamline operations with all of your systems integrated together. Triple W Chat has valuable built-in integrations, and open APIs to craft your own.

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

We provide you an all-in-one smart chatbot that runs on every platform. This means that regardless the conversation was initiated on Facebook Messenger, but continued on Telegram or your website on another day, your chatbot will still have the complete chat history of your conversation with the customer.

Smart Conversations Through Powerful Machines


Personalised, Persistent, 24/7 Chat Bot

A personalised welcome message goes a long way to light up someone’s day. It helps shoppers find the perfect product and help they require. What is worse than not having a live chat on your eCommerce website? It is getting a “No one is Available to Chat” message. Triple W Chat is always there to find certain products and to help.

Simple and Quick Installation

Usually chatbots require extensive training and integration, but Triple W Chat will get yours up in no time. If your store is in English language, you can be sure to get your bot up and running in less than 15 minutes. For other languages, you can easily update all the bot responses from the backend within half an hour.

Artificial Intelligence & NLP

Triple W Chat is smart. Intelligently integrated with Google’s Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence through DialogFlow. Our chatbot has the ability to conduct small talk, carry on a conversation flow and fulfil any reasonable request. The feature is optional and training data is bundled with the plugin.

Onsite Retargeting, Exit Intent Popup

Recover as much as 15% of Abandoning Visitors with Onsite Retargeting. Triple W Chat detects visitors who have the intention to leave and displays a targeted offer to your visitor determined by you. Up to 25% of retargeted visitors will respond to the message and convert into paying customers. Examples of targeted offers include coupon code, free E-book and so on.

Customer Conversion Rate Tracking

Our Conversion Report and Statistics provides data on how many shoppers are adding products to the cart, how many of them reached the checkout stage and how many customers actually complete the order process. This allows businesses to take necessary action to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales.

In-Chat Support and Contact

Triple W Chat provides support directly from the Chat window. You can add Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers in the backend that the chatbot will display if the user goes to the support area. If the customer is unable to find answers to this question, he can opt to send an email to the site admin or leave feedback.

More Triple W Chat Features

We use aI, PLUS profiling techniques, to quickly profile your customers and allow you to communicate your value in the way that they will respond to. NO TWO CUSTOMERS ARE THE SAME.

Schedule Your Chatbot

Schedule the day and time during which the Triple W Chat bot will operate. You can run the Bot with another Live Chat support system. Schedule Triple W Chat to run only when you are not available for Live cCat – This will ensure your customers will always be answered 24/7.

Integrated Facebook Messenger Live Chat

The Facebook Messenger experience is integrated directly into your website. This allows your customers to engage with your brand with a personalised and rich-media experience that you also get on Facebook Messenger Live Chat!

Cart & Recently Viewed Products

Triple W Chat bot displays floating Quick Cart from any page on your website with the number of products added to cart even when the chat window is not open. Also, shows recently viewed products for easy reference for your customer.

Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Web Link & Phone Call Icon Integration

You can also enable quick icons for Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Web Link & Phone Call with the chat window. If you provide support through any of those channels then this is a great way to serve your customers by adding multiple options to contact you!

Notification Builder

Create small notification messages that will be shown by the Triple W Chat icon as slides. Great feature to announce special offers and services to anyone and make more sales by increasing shopper awareness.


ChatBot Styles

Choose from 4 modern chat window templates. Upload your own background image. Add multiple variations of ChatBot responses for each node that will be used randomly to give an appearance of human like responses.

ShortCode for Page

Load Triple W Chat on a page itself with shortcode. This feature allow to create a single landing page for shoppers to add your products to cart & checkout!


Language Support

MO/Pot file is included but not necessary unless you want to translate the backend as well. Every Chat Bot response and system texts can be edited from the Triple W Chat backend easily and quickly. RTL is also supported!

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