Increase your sales exponentially with Artificial Intelligence

Omnichannel solutions with artificial intelligence are perfect for complementing sales and marketing teams. Drive your business and reach your goals without spending more.


The automated salesman your company needs

With TripleW Chatbot, turn your visitors into potential customers and increase sales opportunities. The chatbot automatically generates and qualifies leads. Use it for your Up-selling and Cross-selling strategies and recommend products according to your customers’ interests.

Now it’s possible to boost orders and strengthen your customer relationships all at the same time.


of companies agree that closing more sales is a priority
If you have an updated website and you’re offering a good product or service, reaching this goal is closer than you think.


Time is money
Customer service 24/7

Time management is critical to your business’s productivity. With a chatbot, you’ll have an unstoppable salesperson that will always be happy to help your customers. It supplies accurate info even outside business hours and on holidays. Make the most out of the skills of your agents. While they think about flows and sales strategies, the virtual assistant answers the Frequently Asked Questions. This way, you’ll optimize your time and offer quick and efficient customer service while saving on costs.


Your salespeople are ready to shine

There are some questions only a sales representative can answer. Help your customers complete a purchase and provide automatic support. If the bot can’t answer, or when your customer asks for human support, the conversation is quickly and transparently sent to an agent. Easily set up a referral to live chat without a drawn-out ordeal with forms and unanswered emails.


Awesome experiences,
Happy customers

According to Salesforce, 75% of consumers want consistent experiences across multiple channels and 73% will switch brands if they don’t get it. Don’t lose sales opportunities. Make it so your customers can contact you easily through any voice or text channel, without downloading extra apps. If you implement an omnichannel solution, you’ll offer the same personalized experience across all your channels.


Artificial intelligence to support your customers

Mix in human empathy and natural-sounding dialogue to the conversations with your customers. Don’t worry about different ways of asking the same question. The chatbot will understand complex concepts, grammatical errors and even regionalisms. Plus, it identifies intention within the questions through deep learning.


of companies said sales and marketing are leading the investment in adoption of AI systems.


Dialogue flows that
fits you

A chatbot with 100% flow isn’t what you want if you’re looking for a relationship with your customers. That said, flows are perfect to guide your customers towards what they’re looking for, facilitating and speeding up potential closings on your website. Bring your customers the exact info they need and achieve more sales. Start with a question and create a journey that the user will follow to a purchase decision. Clearly visualize the conversation flow on the platform and easily make any changes you want.


Anticipate. Reach potential customers

Being proactive means anticipating and projecting what the customer would want. When a visitor comes to your price page or a specific product page, it’s a great opportunity and you shouldn’t have them do all the work.


Import content and start selling in a flash

Save time (and money) importing content packages designed for online sales: 1111, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Personality, E-commerce, and much more. In only a few steps, your AI virtual assistant will answer all your customers’ questions with natural and empathetic language.


Get to know your customers and learn from them

Focus on the numbers that really mean something. TripleW Chatbot shows complete and detailed analytics about your virtual assistant’s behavior. Filter by time, channel, condition, tags and more. See the most popular products using the tag report or look at the Training section to learn what new content you can create.

TripleW Chatbots in Numbers

Customer Service Chatbots powered by a custom-built AI with industry grade security suitable for the most customer-conscious companies.


Easier to use

Independently rated ten times easier to use than alternative solutions.


Chats automated

Customer service agents can respond and resolve complex issues rapidly.


Hours saved per day

Eliminates wasted time spent on repetitive simple issues.

A Chatbot Platform for Everybody

Powerful Automation, Different Needs

Lead Generation

Engage visitors from page load with simple conversations. Qualify and convert leads with relevant and personalised conversational flows.

Customer Service

Cut wait times, reduce response times and solve more issues with a customer service chatbot that gives service agents the most valuable resource: time.
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